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Nassau Club
Princeton, NJ


The Nassau Club has been part of the fabric of Princeton NJ and Princeton University since its founding in 1889 featuring thousands of members representing hundreds of colleges and universities. Two of its most famous members are former US Presidents, Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson. Despite its rich history, the club was experiencing many of the same challenges as other similar US clubs. Although many of its members were reluctant, the club embarked upon a plan to reinvigorate itself.

The program began with its introduction of a basement located “club within a club” that was casual and oriented toward family use. Although very successful, it became clear that the club needed more. It was at that point that they embarked upon a major main level project transforming the underutilized library space into an upscale destination bar and lounge. At the same time, the structurally failing main member dining room was reinvented to become a sophisticated “restaurant-esque” dining experience in authentic Princeton style. Both new spaces along with two private dining rooms that were also upgraded proved to be an immediate success.

Existing members began flocking to the new space, and the club expanded membership solely due to the reinvention.


Completion: 2015
Size: 4,500 square feet
Services: Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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