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Cape Cod National Golf Club
Brewster, MA


As a relatively new arrival to the Cape Cod private club scene, Cape Cod National committed their early years to providing an unsurpassed golf experience reserved to a limited number of fortunate members. As a “golf only” club, little attention was given to the member experience relating to their use of the clubhouse. As with so many other clubs, the member profile began to evolve, and it became clear that there was room for some improvements to the social spaces which are so crucial to the overall golf experience.

With a clubhouse that was limited in its offerings as well as it operating hours, the club focused on improvements that would support their typical operational model. As the project progressed, and with the complete renovation of the main member dining areas and the addition of an appropriately sized bar, it quickly became clear that members wanted to use their club more.

Renovations to the clubhouse also included locker room upgrades, a newly fit out lobby and the addition of a dining deck overlooking the practice green. The clubhouse makeover was a hit, and the members immediately began using their club as a social and dining destination. Cape Cod National’s continued success has proven that a proper golf experience extends well beyond the course.


Completion: 2017
Size: 12,000 square feet
Services: Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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