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The Milbrook Club
Greenwich, CT


The historic Milbrook Club sits in the center of the Fairfield County club community. An active and popular multi-sport club situated in a private residential community, their facilities were no longer adequate to support the increased use and the desire for improved facilities that their membership required.

Following the approval of a facility master plan, design began on the expansion and reconfiguration of the main clubhouse along with the complete renovation of the pool facilities, an additional paddle court and a brand-new viewing terrace and hut. The pool dining deck was expanded along with upgrades to the kitchen and locker room and the addition of a new pool control kiosk.

The main clubhouse addition included a new and expanded member bar and lounge/dining area with direct access to an expanded outdoor dining patio. The project features a new member recreation room containing shuffleboard, television viewing and other amenities with a direct connection to the bar. A new private dining venue was also included elevating Milbrook’s offering to universally satisfy a growing and changing membership.


Completion: 2017
Size: 16,000 square feet
Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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