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Canoe Brook Country Club
Summit, NJ


When Canoe Brook Country Club first contacted Studio JBD/JGA, their goal was to build a new and expanded member bar. It soon became evident that the membership needed and wanted more than a new bar. The project, through the master planning process, grew to encompass almost the entire clubhouse as well as the pro shop and pool facility.

Comprised of 3 separate but consecutive building phases, the challenges were many. Creating a clubhouse and pool/performance center that would be up to the standards of the current membership and fulfill the expectations of future members was the primary goal. Keeping at least part of the clubhouse open for member use throughout the project was the primary challenge. By engaging an experienced design and construction team, and the club began to reap immediate benefits. With the first membership waiting list in many years and a doubling of food and beverage revenues, it became immediately clear that the members loved their new club and were using it more than ever.


Completion: 2015 – 2017
Size: 75,000 square feet (+/-)
Services: Master Plan, Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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