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Baltusrol Golf Club
Springfield, NJ


There is no more recognizable golf destination in the region than the venerable Baltusrol Golf Club. As a repeated host of major golf championships over the past hundred years, the leadership of the club continues to be fiercely committed to the quality of the golf experience through impeccable maintenance and continual improvement of their golf courses. The same can be said for their clubhouse.

With a keen understanding of the role the clubhouse plays in the overall member and guest golf experience, they have been focused on constant renovations and upgrades to all aspects of the facility. The club has renovated most of the member areas including their trophy room, the addition of a wine room, the creation of a member bar and upscale dining venue as well as brand new lower level bar and dining areas for regular member use.

Renovations to their locker rooms have dramatically altered that aspect of the classic golf experience. Other improvements have included enhancements to the member entrance, expansion of their kitchen and caddy area and a major interior upgrade to their historic Grille Room.

Baltusrol is a true example of the consummate golf experience.


Completion: 2005 – 2017
Size: 50,000 square feet (+/-)
Services: Master Plan, Architecture, Interior Design, Procurement

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